Post Office’s First Class Mail: Shipping Service for Smaller Package

Once you’ve finished with shipping issues with courier services, you need to go back to Post Office. There are various advanced improvements since you’re not around. Today, you can deliver the smaller package within a few days and save more dollars with First Class Mail from Post Office. You may want to check how to send your goods with First Class Mail service.

1. Measure your Package

Prepare large envelopes and postage scale, you can also prepare computer and printer. You need to measure your package with the postal scale and ensure that it doesn’t exceed 13 ounces and fits to the envelope to be qualified with First Class Mail service without additional charge.

2.Pack and Send Your Package

The second step is to print the postage label online, seal the envelope, put a clear address on it. Ensure that your package is qualified and put with detailed information of both recipient and sender. Then, you can either visit Aptos post office hours to send your package, or you can simply drop them in the nearest mailbox and let the post office carrier take it and process it.

3.Shipping Supplies

You can simply order the shipping supplies including stamps, envelopes, tape, etc from Post Office’s official website. Once you’ve completed the order, the supplies will be sent to your mailbox then you can use them to pack the package at your own discretion. An additional fee won’t be charged if your good fits the envelope and is kept under 13 ounces.

Is it that easy? Yes, it is. As you’ve dropped the package at Aptos post office hours or mailbox, it will reach the recipient within a few days, you can soothe and relax. Today, the post office offers tons of advantages for you. Shipping with Post Office’s First Class Mail is convenient and affordable now.